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voice over improv workshop Los AngelesOn Saturday, February 23, I’ll be conducting a special workshop for voice actors:

IMPROVABILITY: Enhancing Your Voice Over And Writing Talents Via Improv

I don’t try to get people to give “better” performances. My job is to help them discover new approaches.

I call it “discovering reality.”

One of my favorite techniques involves the creation of “backstories.”

But not in the way you’d guess; the backstories I give voice actors often have nothing to do with what’s on the page.

For example, here’s a very good voice actor delivering her first take on a piece of radio commercial copy.

Then I give her a backstory that in no way is suggested by the copy.

Then she delivers a completely different, more interesting performance.

Yes, if she were to use that newly discovered attitude & voice, her delivery would need to be speeded up to fit the small commercial frame.

But that wouldn’t have been difficult. Her new character wasn’t different because she talked slowly; that same character could speak more quickly while preserving the attitude that gives her that special quality.

Do you agree — was the second read clearly more interesting and compelling?

Here’s where to register for my IMPROVABILITY workshop.

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