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MONDAY RADIO COMMERCIAL SMACKDOWN: Yes, Lexus Does Waste A Great Opportunity

First, give a listen to the radio commercial:

Okay, list everything you picture.

The idiotic Girlfriend From The Past?

The guy who reacts to the sudden reappearance, after 15 years, of his old girlfriend with all the shock and surprise he’d feel after…Oh, after finding a misplaced paper clip in his desk drawer?

Y’see, the people who created this radio commercial think you’re too stupid to know what “great opportunities don’t last forever” means, so they illustrate the concept with two voice actors unconvincingly reading from an inane script.

(As always, I don’t blame the voice actors. I assume they were following the direction of some “advertising genius.”)

This spot advertised a particular Lexus model. Can you name that model?

Can you describe the “great opportunity” they were trying to advertise?

Anybody? Anybody?

Once again, folks:

The picture you paint in the listener’s mind is what the listener will remember.

And there ain’t no Lexus pictures being painted in that commercial.

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  • Kraig Karson August 29, 2011, 4:25 pm

    I’m not sure if the average radio listener (non-industry types that aren’t hanging on every single word) are focused on details like specific model types. If they remember Lexus, that’s all that matters. The script was strange and humor doesn’t seem to blend well with the affluent sounding announcers typically heard on Lexus spots. but I’m guessing that a Lexus loyal did take notice and will follow through either via web or showroom. Before bashing agency ads, let’s make sure that in house radio spots are more palatable.


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