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DICK ORKIN and DAN O’DAY: Dreaming In Commercials

A while ago Dick Orkin and I began a rather aimless, fairly formless writing project that Dick entitled “Dreaming In Commercials.”

Perhaps one day we’ll get around to completing it.

In the meantime, here’s the first installment….

Dick Orkin radio commercials

Dick Orkin

Dick Orkin writes…

“I don’t like writing commercials!”

That was the most frequent answer I got in a poll I conducted.

Why did so many tell me that?

I asked them and they told me why.

“No time.”

“I don’t get paid for that.”

“The client doesn’t want anything creative.”

“I have no talent.”

“Everything I come up with is boring….”

They are all familiar words, and I suppose they hold a grain of truth. But I think they missed an essential if not the essential cause – at least the most interesting cause – of their dislike.

I can tell them why they don’t like writing commercials – and as long as you’re sitting here,reading this, I’ll tell you as well.

The commercials they write are boring as all hell to themselves and others.

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