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(Fifth in a series)

how to be a radio DJ personality

A Loyal Reader Asks:

“How can you teach young jocks to ‘be real’ — to break out of the ‘I’m a DJ’ persona and become communicators?”

Schedule regular feedback sessions.

Come prepared with one of the jock’s recent airchecks — to which you already have listened and from which you already have made some notes.

The #1 complaint from radio personalities around the world is, “I never get any feedback from my program director.”

When you schedule aircheck sessions and show up for them actually prepared (having already listened to the jock’s aircheck), you send a message that indicates you think the jock’s show is important.

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  • Tad Shackles September 29, 2010, 6:31 am

    As much as I dread my weekly aircheck as I am never sure what 15 minutes of what show they pulled, I do really learn a lot from the sessions. Since being at this station this past 2 years I have grown more as a jock than I did in my first 8 years on the air.

    Dan is SOOOO right on this one. Having a PD/OM that REALLY cares enough to spend a couple hours a week making my show better actually makes the show better.

    It also keeps me from getting lazy/complacent with “good enough”

    A good aircheck should be MANDATORY for all of us on a regular basis… Now only if the sales department got airchecked on their copy!!!


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