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auto body shop radio advertising

Earlier this month I issued a Radio Advertising Challenge, to write a radio commercial for an auto body shop based on the minimal facts provided by the client. And I generated a number of headlines that potentially could provide a campaign theme.

Yesterday I offered one advertising approach. Here’s another.


Sometimes it’s good to be very picky. Like, when you choose the auto

repair shop that works on your car. I’m Ed Client of Ed’s Auto Repairs,

and I’m REALLY picky. Some shops use recycled parts when fixing

your car; we only use the highest quality new parts, direct from the

manufacturer. This drives my accountant crazy, because we COULD

buy cheaper parts and sell them to you at a higher profit…but in the

long run it wouldn’t be so good for your car. I also pay my mechanics

more than most shops do…and you can see the difference in their

work. Their one job is to take care of your car. You want picky? They

wear gloves when they work, because you don’t want grease on your

car. That’s also why we put plastic slip covers over your seat and

steering wheel. Look, if you don’t care all that much about how well

your car runs or how long it lasts, you might save a dollar or two by

going somewhere else. But if you want picky expert mechanics to

take care of your car, maybe you should visit Ed’s Auto Repairs on

Main Street. But…Don’t tell the mechanics I called them picky. They

like to think of themselves as “meticulous.”

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  • car service contract October 6, 2010, 12:33 am

    Great article !!!! i love it….your word says how good are you……is the above modified BMW is done you guys..