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Hopefully this video says it all.

Yep, I forgot to mention at least three people:

Gerry Tabio, who spoke at least two different years.

And Vishen Lakhiani, one of the world’s most successful Internet marketers. In 2009 he flew from his home in Malaysia to Los Angeles to blow the room away at PD Grad School.

And — astonishingly — Mike McVay, who not only spoke at several PD Grad Schools but also always was incredibly supportive and a great friend.

I also had intended to mention Rob Sidney, who attended all 17 PD Grad Schools, as well as Neil Gallagher — who had kept apace of Rob until 2009, when he was unable to attend.

And there probably are others who got lost among the debris of my dying brain cells. FInalPDGradSchool-Thumbnail-160

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  • Ryan Honter June 29, 2010, 1:25 am

    Sad day for all of us in Radio. Flying 15,000 kilometers was worth it! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=318768208074&ref=ts

  • frankie@positivehits.org June 29, 2010, 1:27 am

    Thank you for your years of service and vision to help us “radio guys”
    You have more then earned your place as a legend in the radio hall of fame

  • Jack Balzer June 29, 2010, 1:54 am

    Thanks Dan! For Everything!! I learned a lot from you and the grad school. I’ll be in touch.

  • Jaye Albright June 29, 2010, 1:55 am

    Thanks for the memories and the knowledge over the years, Dan!

  • Bo Halldorsson June 29, 2010, 1:55 am


    I have been following your work for years
    Thanks for the good work

  • Robin Banks June 29, 2010, 1:56 am

    Brilliant and emotive video Dan… you taught me a lot (without even realising it).


  • Jaye Albright June 29, 2010, 1:58 am

    There have been so many amazing PD Grad School moments over the years, as you know, Dan, that the return on your investment can’t possibly equal what you gave to us all who attended multiple years. Hopefully, Robin will still open the store for an annual clearance sale online every now and then.

    A personal high point for me was Ken Levine’s great pre-school round table on creating and building a blog. I assume you didn’t mention that because it was a part of another of your awesome ideas, a private, closed, unannounced, invitation-only small group session for previous attendees.

    You enriched the experience year after year in so many ways. Thank you.

  • Priit Vare June 29, 2010, 2:01 am

    It’s so sad… Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Gavin McCoy June 29, 2010, 2:20 am

    Hi Dan,

    What shocking news, and what a loss to us information hungry radio people.

    Here in Europe, you are one of our heroes.

    Colleagues who travel to PG Grad School all come back bursting with ideas and inspiration. They always confess that the trip is the highlite of their radio year. Many say the experience is the apex of their radio career.

    As a regular buyer of the tapes, books, videos, and mp3s that come from the event, I can say they are the most valuable career posessions I own. (OK the Mercedes-Benz is worth a little more!)

    There is simply no other source of material from people like Randy Michaels and many others. Grad School has been the rich furtile soil that grew these incredible products. I have relished the nutritious harvest.

    It’s a sign of the times that air travel, especially from Europe to USA is much more expensive now. A typical coach fare has risen from around £450 to £1,200 at times. It’s no reflection on your incredible effort or intention in running the Schools. As employers, we simply have to account for every penny in the face of poor ad revenues.

    I would urge you to continue to exploit the power of webinars and media UStreamed events. You know this is the way forward, and gets the products made with ease.

    Thanks Dan and all of your guest speakers, we appreciate everything.

    Kindest regards,

    Gavin McCoy UK

  • Derek McIntyre "McIntyre In The Morning" UK - not the American bloke ;) June 29, 2010, 2:35 am

    Never got to any US PD grad schools. But hugely enjoyed an event you held in the UK a few years ago.
    Its a sad sign of the economic times Dan!

  • Carsten Worsoee June 29, 2010, 3:15 am

    Dear Dan,

    You’ve made radio better all over the world. And you’ve made me at much, much better radio guy. Thanks for everything (stillings hoping we somehow can save PD Grad School)!

    Best, Carsten

  • Sean Coleman June 29, 2010, 3:16 am

    Dan, starting out on overnights at Kerrang! Radio UK in 2004 – your ‘Overnight Radio Handbook’ saved me! Really inspiring stuff at 3am when no-one called, and it set me on the path to daytime. Many thanks.

  • Pottsy June 29, 2010, 3:41 am

    Dan, mission accomplished. As a young PD I learned SO much from listening to the tapes and CDs. I can’t thank you enough! I feel bad that I haven’t been keeping up with Grad School…but I feel WORSE that I’m not in radio anymore. Thanks for helping an inexperienced PD to look like he knew what he was talking about!

  • Greg Saunders June 29, 2010, 3:49 am

    I only attended twice but those two times have helped me ENORMOUSLY in my career. I always hoped to make it back again so I am personally very sad to see that opportunity disappear (and for future aspiring PD’s too)… yet I can fully understand why you must make this decision. Thank you SO much for the resources you provide that continue to help passionate PD’s improve and grow “Dan O’Day by day” (sorry, ultimate in “cheese” but couldn’t resist).
    Your friend in the biz, Greg

  • Scott James June 29, 2010, 4:40 am


    This saddens me. I attended in 2007 – always wanted to attend another school – I guess I was one of those folks that said, “well, there’s next year.”

    When I attended I used my own cash – is this an indictment on our industry? Do we no longer believe in educating our people and the art of crafting a product? We should – it’s what will save us.

    I wish you well!

    Thanks for being a thinker and teacher – the business needs more of you!

  • Chris June 29, 2010, 5:02 am

    Ok. I am on vacation, and only have access to the Internet on iPod Touch. I cannot see the video, but the comments here tell some of the story. I am sorry to hear what I hear. Totally understand. While I have not been able to make very many PD Grad School’s my notes from those I attended still refresh and coach me today. Up with Dan O’Day!

    You rock, Dan!! Thanks for all you do for us as individuals and thanks for all you do to help give listeners around the world better radio.

  • Sonny Melendrez June 29, 2010, 5:23 am


    You have always been what is right about our industry. Thanks for all the PD’s you inspired, encouraged, and enlightened.

    Your efforts live on in our passion for radio.

    -Sonny Melendrez

  • Steve Jones June 29, 2010, 5:59 am

    Dan… Sad to say goodbye to PD Grad School. I learned so much from the speakers and attendees over the years and always found myself flying home with fresh ideas and a fresh perspective no matter how many times I attended.
    Thank you for sharing so much knowledge and support.

  • J.C. Douglas June 29, 2010, 6:19 am

    I was only able to make it twice – damn budget. But they were invaluable experiences, not just the sessions and what I learned. But the networking was unbelievable! And every year I’ve intended to make it to my third! Sorry to be among that group. But kudos to you, Dan, for your perseverance and for delivering such an outstanding event over 17 years.

  • GRAY GLEASON June 29, 2010, 6:20 am

    Hi Dan –

    Nice eulogy. I’d like to suggest, however, that you not count out PD Gradschool or the Creative Summit quite yet. Rather, consider putting them on a 3 year cycle instead of an anual cycle.

    Given the marketplace, and the nature of the radio business – it might give stations, managers, etc the capeability of more long-term planning –

    It’s a valuable, valuable seminar/class/service – I’d hate to see it die

    Just my two cents. . .

  • Gary Hickson June 29, 2010, 6:34 am

    Hi Dan,

    Not great news to hear!

    Sadly I never made it to a PD Grad School event but had the absolute honour to hear you speak many years ago at a BBC session in Liverpool and have used many of your pointers ever since.

    Thanks also for your consistently sound, relevant and sensible advice and discussion items you send out in your regular newsletters too.

    All the best for the future.

    Gary Hickson
    Sports Editor
    BBC Radio Lancashire

  • Todd Delaney June 29, 2010, 6:37 am

    PD grad school was a true inspiration each year. Programmers everywhere owe a debt of gratitude to you for your passion, dedication and commitment to keeping radio relevant.

    Thank you for everything!

  • Derek James June 29, 2010, 6:57 am

    Got to attend PD Grad School in 2000 as a 20 year old who was programming in Wausau, Wisconsin. Sadly, I never had the opportunity to go again and am no longer in radio. Today, I’m a television meteorologist/host/reporter and many of the real world lessons taught in PD Grad School made me a better radio broadcaster and more recently a better television broadcaster.

    Thanks Dan for a wonderful experience!

  • Joe D'Agostin/Sound Freqz June 29, 2010, 7:22 am

    Hopefully PD Grad School will mutate into something new that you will offer in the near future.

    See you soon!


  • Rich Bird June 29, 2010, 7:28 am

    Dan, your video shows the passion that you put into this event. Thanks for sharing that. The comments show the value of this event for those who attended. As someone now creating media in the corporate world, I can say that traveling to this type of event has become too expensive and too much of a burden on a person’s time. I also have yet to see a truly effective webinar. So there’s the challenge. Figure a new way to present this amazing quality of inspiration and information in a more affordable, less time intensive way. It may never have the same impact as seeing some of these extraordinary people in person, but there has to be a way to still make it memorable. If anyone can figure a way to do that, my bet would be on you!

  • Rey Bargamento June 29, 2010, 7:36 am

    Now I have to really really really safe keep very well my newsletters from Dan. I had the opportunity to listen to a recording(cd) of the PD Grad School.

    Mabuhay ka Dan. Thanks so much for all the golden nuggets of learning.

  • ERIC RHOADS, Radio Ink June 29, 2010, 7:42 am

    DAN… The state of the industry dictates the lack of attention to this need. Bring it back like Classic Coke!

  • Gairy Callam June 29, 2010, 7:42 am

    I was unable to attend this year and was hoping to go next year. Sad news. I think the industry needs PD Grad School. I hope Downloads or Cds will be available for purchase from PD2010.
    All the best Dan. Keep on rolling.

  • Johnathon Eltrevoog June 29, 2010, 7:44 am

    I’ve listened to a lot of the recordings, but never got to make it out for PD Grad School. I did attend the production summit twice, though. Sad to hear…but I sure hope I can get that KILLER 2010 CD! And…there are at least THREE days here in Chicago at o’Hare where there aren’t delays!

  • Mark Moss June 29, 2010, 7:50 am

    I attended PD Grad School when it was in Dallas. I loved it and learned a tremendous amount. Due to our budgetary constraints, I was never able to attend the LA sessions though. Each year I would hope that it would come back to Dallas so that I could drive there. I am saddened that PD Grad School will not continue. I certainly understand the reasoning behind it, but it still makes me sad.

    Maybe one day you can do a “special” PD Grad School in Dallas again just to test the waters on how many will attend. If so, I will definitely be there, and I know quite a few who will as well.

    Thank you Dan. You are a TRUE radio guy that I sincerely admire. Judging from some of the jump cuts on your video, you definitely bleed radio only. 🙂

    Mark Moss

  • Danny McWilliams June 29, 2010, 7:51 am

    I thought I was one of the luckiest people in the business when I had the chance to attend PD Grad School the final year it was in Dallas. Having to pay for travel and hotel expenses I was so thankful the Grad School was within easy driving distance from my home.

    What I learned and the people I met made this one of the most meaningful weekends of my life, along with the Personality Plus seminar I attended some years earlier in Dallas.

    It makes me sad that those just starting their journey in this business will not have the opportunity we so enjoyed and the lessons that could be learned nowhere else.

    Thanks to everyone who made PD Grad School such a valued memory!

  • Scott Matthews June 29, 2010, 8:03 am

    I’m saddened to hear of the passing of this event – I never got the chance to attend, even though I really wanted to do so. Dan, thank you for the passion and sweat you put into making PD Grad School a success…and I really hope that some day you’ll consider bringing it back for those beginning PDs that are looking for a way to learn.

  • Kenny Smoov June 29, 2010, 8:06 am

    When I first started programming in 1998 I thought about how “over my head” I was and how little I knew about the business. Then I found one of your mailers and started ordering EVERYTHING. Branding, Positioning, Promotions. I ordered every “tape” OLD SKOOL BABY…I could.

    I never attended an event, but I was always able to order information and learned from the experience. Much of my success goes to the PD Grad School and the teachers like Randy Michaels and Lew Dickey.

    I hope you morph this event into a Webinar or something less expensive to you, but beneficial to the next crop of PD’s.

    If not, there won’t be many “Kenny Smoovs” coming out of the minors and into the Large Markets…they simply won’t be prepared!

  • ahuma daddy bosco ocansey June 29, 2010, 10:06 am

    dan it was an awesome experience attending the pd grad school as the first ghanaian to register for the school and the first programmes director from ghana to attend pd grad school.
    thanks for the good works.

  • Dave Russell June 29, 2010, 10:30 am

    Thanks Dan. The knowledge has been invaluable. But, friendships built up over the years are even more valuable.

  • Barber Andy June 29, 2010, 10:30 am

    Thank You Dan..I learned alot & met excellent People!!! Thank You!

  • Don Clark June 29, 2010, 10:31 am

    P.D. Grad School was a great tool for all of us. Thanks Dan!!!

  • Mike Powell June 29, 2010, 10:31 am

    Dan, as the guy who was honored to work with you on the two very inspirational European PD Grad Schools, you are, quite simply, a legend. Thanks to you, I can never take an international flight without thinking of that darned “chickenfish!”

  • George Cook June 29, 2010, 10:32 am

    Always great insights and great networking at PD Grad School! Thanks, Dan!

  • Kevin Profitt June 29, 2010, 10:32 am

    2008 was the last year our station sent anyone anywhere for conferences or seminars etc. PD Grad School was always on my “want to” list. This is sad news.

  • Johnny Milford June 29, 2010, 10:33 am

    I noticed you followed the infamous :08 second rule with MacArthur Park, LOL

  • Frank Baum June 29, 2010, 10:33 am

    These days are unique. Radio still needs sources/dynamics volatilization sessions. Keep the door open.

  • Bobby Ocean June 29, 2010, 10:34 am

    Of all the things jocks of the day talk about these days, “passing the baton” to those coming up continues to pop up. We wish we had done more of that.
    Dan, you have done more to educate us about this carnival called radio we all ran away to join than anyone else I am aware of. God bless and thank you.

  • Rob Sidney June 29, 2010, 10:34 am

    Dan: Times may change … but what you and your guest speakers shared at PD Grad School will always be the foundation of my programming knowledge. It was a privilege to have experienced every one of the 17 (no, actually, wasn’t it 18?) events. Thanks to you (and Robyn Emus) for being an important part of your alumni’s careers.

  • Tim Sanders June 29, 2010, 10:35 am

    Very sorry to hear this Dan – you are a warrior for good.

  • Dan O'Day June 29, 2010, 10:38 am

    Rob Sidney is correct, as usual: It was 18 annual PD Grad Schools, not 17.

  • Dorte Laulund June 29, 2010, 10:39 am

    What a great way to end a good story – keep up the good work Dan – have never been to grad school but have listen to you for several times here in Denmark as Carsten Worsø had you come over several times 🙂

    Radiohugs from Denmark

  • Richard Perry June 29, 2010, 10:42 am

    I just watched the video, it’s incredibly sad to see that happen over the years. You mentioned something that really stood out for me, once a radio person always a radio person…. Just made a career change out of radio in South Africa, and was thinking about the future of the game here…. Great encouragement, thanks….

    I am very disappointed in the stations I worked for over the years never being able to send me through, although, some of them did buy material from the PD grad school, and the information in that material proved invaluable to my work while in the game…

    So, in short from the other end of the world, thanks very much for all the work and passion put into the events over the years… I trust your future endeavors in providing guidance to thousands will be most fruitful!


    Richard Perry Ex-DJ, EX-PD, Ex-Station Manager, and general Always a Radio Person….

  • Graham Mack June 29, 2010, 11:38 am

    Thanks Dan, I’m sure you’ll keep teaching us all about radio and beyond in lots of new ways. I only made it to four PD Grad Schools. Can’t believe I won’t be going to any more.

    Graham Mack
    BBC Wiltshire

  • Erik Johnson - KXKT/Omaha June 29, 2010, 12:15 pm

    Thanks for all the great sessions, Dan. You provided us tremendous access to some of the best radio and marketing minds in the business. I learned so much and made so many new friends over the years of PD Grad School.

    Some of my favorite memories were your one-on-one session with the Greaseman (reminded me of the magic in the speakers), BJ Bueno’s session on Cult Branding (completely changed my view of business in general – my overall favorite session), Randy Michaels’ suggestion to “plan calmly and execute passionately” as he would “passionately” over-modulate the mic (reminds me of the fun that got me into this business), and Paige Nienaber putting the needle through his arm (always a great session from a warped mind).

    I’m sure the great content will continue in your webinars. But, we’ll always miss the chats between sessions. Thanks again for bringing us all together for so many years.

  • Jeff Zycinski June 29, 2010, 12:22 pm

    I was there for the Hollywood year…still talking about it to this day. Thanks Dan and good luck with future ventures. Hope to see you in Scotland some day.

  • Lance Hale June 29, 2010, 12:23 pm

    Thanks for everything you’ve done. Was never able to make it to a PD Grad School. But was at a PD Convention in D.C. a few years ago & you were a guest speaker. I still have notes I utilize to this day.
    Thanks again.

  • Tom Webster June 29, 2010, 12:36 pm

    Don’t have much to add here other than to point out that the quantity, tone and passion of the comments on this post is but a small testament to the impact that PD Grad School really had, and you should feel justifiably proud to have moved so many with this event.

    Thanks for accepting me as a “pinch-hitter” for Larry Rosin one year, as well – truly an honor.

    All the best, Dan!


  • Ross Brittain June 29, 2010, 3:00 pm

    Enjoyed doing Grad School even though I could never be structured enough to be a PD and hate interpersonal relationships. In fact, I hate everyone. But thanks for mentioning me!

  • Dwight C. Douglas June 29, 2010, 3:02 pm

    YOUR MIND IS A BLANK…. yeah right

  • Erwin Deckers June 29, 2010, 3:10 pm

    Thank you very much for all the years of PD GRAD SCHOOL.

    I never attended one but almost every year I couldn’t wait to purchase
    and hear de CD-Box.

    Without PD GRAD SCHOOL I should not have been de PD (and even person) I’m now.

    I hope to hear from you soon…there is still so much to learn.

  • Craig Baker June 29, 2010, 3:13 pm

    About four years ago, I wrote an article which Radio World published.  It was about creating better ads.  Better than the last song that just played.  In the article, I referred to your work and suggested people buy your books and study them.  You were kind enough to send an email my way, thanking me.  I felt like a celebrity had patted me on the back. 

    Just wanted you to be aware that though I am a fan, I have not attended PD Grad School, only because I am a one-man-band.  I operate two stations, both daytime 1 KW AMs with no employees.  In fact, until 2 years ago, I was LMA-ing a local FM also.  So you see, I can’t get away from here for a day, let alone a trip to LA. 

    I know that your heart is really in it, and you have a passion or you wouldn’t do what you do.  Just wanted to tell you that your video farewell, in my opinion, was filled with integrity and humility.  As you mentioned, What ever you do, keep fighting the good fight.  As Churchill said: Never, never, never, never give up.  God bless you and your loved ones and I wish you the very best.  Thank you for all you’ve given.

  • Vito Gorinas June 29, 2010, 3:26 pm

    Thank YOU Dan!

  • Ken James June 29, 2010, 3:36 pm

    Was part of the ’09 class. Was inpressed by Vishen’s presentaion. Thanks for the good times.

  • Bill Stewart June 29, 2010, 3:37 pm

    Never made it to the PD Grad Schools you put together & now after that video, regret it!
    Always hoped I could squeeze the budget out of the corner office but now realize it would’ve been a valuable investment even if I had to pay myself.
    Maybe every 2 years?…
    Thanks for sharing and stay strong!

  • Cam Clark June 29, 2010, 3:44 pm

    Dan – I just watched the farewell video, and I was saddened to hear that something like the PD school was finished. While I never attended, I knew of people like Neil Gallagher, and Brad Jones from CHUM who did attend in the past and then would share tidbits and little bites of information with other junior PD’s in the chain. I was one of them working in Winnipeg and always enjoyed hearing what they would bring back from your events.

    Now as a General Manager of a small independent station, I see the same hunger for information in a multi-media world. I know how challenging it is for huge conglomerates as much as it’s a challenge for the stand-a-lone stations to try and be the best and serve our listeners and clients. I feel that your sharing of knowledge and bringing great minds together had/has a value for our industry.

    Easy to be saying this from the cheep seats having never participated. And of course, I didn’t budget for it, or I too would have sent at least one PD to one of these events, if I’d know the end was near.

    Do you see a “new” version of a multi-media PD school coming to replace it? If so – when?

  • Linda O'Brian June 29, 2010, 3:47 pm

    Thanks for the video.  Enjoyed it immensely!  Felt like we were hanging out and sharing a coffee break.   I felt honored to be able to play engineer for you during those early years.  Still one of the highlights of my radio career.

    HERB COHEN!  LOVED him!  He changed my life!  I’ll never forget him saying “I care, but not that much.”  His theories have helped me navigate through many difficult decisions in my life.

  • Dave Beasing June 29, 2010, 6:13 pm

    Always meant to come one year. Never did. But I’ve ordered some of the tapes and benefited greatly. Thanks for making us all smarter, Dan.

  • Stafford Thompson (Jay Michaels) June 29, 2010, 6:53 pm

    I remember Bill Ray and me carrying your bags to your room for you in Dallas. Well mainly me, since Bill is in a wheelchair. You’re a great teacher and I will continue to carry my own bags that are now filled with knowledge I obtained from you. Thanks friend!

  • Dave Grove June 29, 2010, 7:03 pm

    Hi Dan.
    I attended PD Grad School in 1994 if my memory is correct. All the way from New Zealand this was not only a trip of a lifetime but also an incredibly huge buzz to be sharing and learning from so many whom I aspired to be like proffessionally. I went on to programme a radio station, The Breeze, in Wellington, New Zealand. When I started I put into practice all that I had learned coupled together with ideas that I felt would work. The station rated a 6.7 share when I started, number 7 in the market. When I left 5 years later it rated a 14.2 share and sat at number 1 for many years to come. Thanks for everything, even if I did fall asleep during the World Series at Mike McVays house when I was there. All the best. Dave Grove

  • Dan O'Day June 30, 2010, 1:56 am

    My apologies for forgetting to include Tom Webster (my excuse is, because he filled in for Larry Rosin at the last minute, his name wasn’t in the brochures I perused to compile the names) and — unbelievably — Mike McVay. Don’t know how in the world I forgot to include Mike, who spoke numerous times and always was a tremendous help & inspiration.

  • Charlie O'Brien June 30, 2010, 11:35 am

    Thanks You Dan! Simply, one of the best weekends every year without fail.
    I tried to make it to the first couple – but my GM just looked at me funny and said – “What – a PD Grad School – kidding me?”
    Needless to say, making it to about 8 or 9 of them later proved the ex-GM wrong.
    It was always one of the the best annual weekends – sunny LA for freezing radio types from the East Coast in February – and sucking up so much knowledge.
    The craziest one was 2007 when I flew back from India after vacation – had a 12 hour layover at home – and flew out to LA for PD Grad School. Crazy – but worth the pain.
    Thanks Dan. Your efforts – and ROBIN’S – were much appreciated.
    And thanks to Don – for all the super audio!

  • Christin Jerome June 30, 2010, 12:34 pm

    Say it ain’t so, Dan! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for radio. You’ll never know how much I appreciated being able to sit and learn with my heroes, you, Mike McVay, Jaye Albright et al. Thank you to Robin and Don too.

  • Tony Coles June 30, 2010, 8:12 pm

    Dan – I cannot tell you the impact PD Grad School had on me personally and professionally. You have touched more people that you will ever know. Thank you!

  • Chris Kennedy July 1, 2010, 8:50 am

    Dan –

    I remember when we talked about the PD Grad School in Toronto during the Canadian Music Week conference over a lovely dinner (I think it was 1993 or 1994) at the circular restaurant at the top of the Harbour Castle Westin. You had an amazing and very successful run with the school, creating a learning experience for radio people who really love what they do and who wanted to learn and grow. I have encountered so many people who have attended and every single one of them have said they benefited from it. Congratulations, Dan…the PD Grad School will have a lasting legacy.

  • Dave Beasing July 1, 2010, 11:13 am

    I attended three PD Grad Schools – two in Dallas and one in LA and enjoyed every minute of the experiences.

    Thanks for all the work and passion you put into these conferences for radio professionals.

  • Kathy Lyxnn July 4, 2010, 6:40 pm

    I am one of the many who never attended (but bought the cds for easy in car listening). 2004 Contextual Programming changed the way I “do” radio. I still search for the cd set when I head out on the road. Consider an audio only format. It might be harder to pull in guests- but we’re fighting the good fight here. Every tool helps create quality, entertaining, sellable radio. Thank you.

  • Pat Butler-Mobile July 9, 2010, 10:48 am

    Thanks Dan for all the videos and cassettes over the years.
    Couldn’t have done the morning show without ya! You definately have made a difference..even in Gospel Radio!

  • Brian Burgess, Funkhaus Nuremberg July 10, 2010, 7:54 am

    you have been an inspiration for many years. A great help for a not-so-young-anymore-but-still-learning morning show author. I was glad to attend your seminar at the BLM Radio Days here in Nuremberg. Germany. And was happy to have been introduced to “creative animal” Doug Harris. Thaks again for teh inspiration and tips vi aemail & newsletter. If you ever get bored…coem and visit the good old castle here at Nurmeberg…we jocks over here would be thrilled to see you again
    All the best

    Brian Burgess
    Southern Oregonian in exile

  • JD Ongwen July 10, 2010, 8:09 am

    I am contributing from Uganada. (Uganda is a small country in East Africa). Ooh noo….., You mean the PD Grad School is no more? My dream was to attend it!. I don’t yet work in radio but owning an fm station is my dream. It will be the last job I will do and because I like radio so much, I don’t intend to retire from it.
    Ours is a developing country and we don’t have a good radio school yet in Uganda so I ‘teach’ my self. I am learning how the industry works while I look for money to set up an fm station in our town. Your website, blog, e newsletters, etc, are very important to me. I have seen many interesting e books and mp3s on your web site.
    But attending the PD grad School was my draem. You don’t have to close it for good, suspend it for a few years and test it again.
    JD Ongwen

  • Karli Hurtzig November 3, 2015, 6:27 am

    The economy is doing somewhat better…radio has significantly changed sine 09/10, especially with social media, etc…and the concerns of 2009 (transferable skills, etc) are still on the minds of many. Wish I could see a PD Grad School 2016.


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