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Dave Foxx

1. LUST – Dumping every effect at your disposal into the piece, even though it has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

2. GLUTTONY – Overusing a favorite effect.

3. GREED – Allowing your effects to take over the promo. Your effects never should dominate the mix.

4. SLOTH – Sloppy music edits. A good producer never says, “It’s good enough.” If you can’t dance to it, it needs to be fixed.

5. WRATH – Getting mad about what the competition is doing and letting that affect your promos. (Example: You believe the competition is copying you, so you start adding words such as “original” and “first.”) Those words only invite the listener to check out the competition.

6. ENVY – Making your work sound like someone else’s. Aspiring to sound as good as Eric Chase or John Frost is healthy…until you start ripping off their work.

7. PRIDE – Don’t believe your own hype.

Z100/New York’s Dave Foxx will conduct a live radio station imaging teleseminar, fielding questions from imaging professionals around the world. Here’s all the info.

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  • Steve Kaspar June 24, 2009, 9:49 am

    Ehhhhhhh….Most of these are invisible really to about 99.9% of the listeners, however, I suppose if you were guilty of over half of them, some might start to notice or subconciously have a reaction. On the whole it seems to me that these are largely between our own ears and the CONTENT itself is the big kahuna. Am I wrong? Go onto the street and ask folks if they care.

  • Adam Garey June 24, 2009, 10:32 am

    DavE! While many churches today fear saying it thanks for the guts to mention SIN even in your fashion; and presenting motivation to ramp up! To have some integrity in work ethic. To be honest. In general lately I notice with the internet and it’s immediacy people do not want to dedicate-spend time on a project..care for that project …and in today radio the format could flip or your plug could be yanked if we don’t hurry we worry..though you strictly talk about the GEAR -ACTIONS what happened to those rip and read in- house performers that took the copy off the page? Thank you for the article Dan.