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O’DAY’S TRAVEL WOES #23: The Color That Fell Off The Videotape

September, 1994 (continued):

In Hamburg I conducted my AIR PERSONALITY PLUS+ seminar for AlsterRadio. Ulrich Bunsmann and Werner Rawe were kind enough to meet me at the airport. As usual, all I saw of the city was during the rides to and from the hotel.

Hamburg looked quite beautiful; the word that came to mind was “sparkling” (although Germans are quick to add, “Yes, but it always rains there”).

And the Hotel Steigenberger — yes, the same company that owned the great restaurant at the Frankfurt airport (see my September 13 posting) — was exceptionally nice…except for the lack of customer service attitude of some of its employees.

One example: In setting up for our seminar, I cued up a videotape I used (this was 1994, remember)…but could only get it to appear in black & white.

I had seminar videos in all VHS formats — PAL, for Europe — so it wasn’t an incompatibility problem.The hotel’s A/V guy sniffed, “It’s not the equipment. It must be your tape.”

I explained that I had played this tape many times before with no trouble. He insisted the problem was with the tape.

“Oh, I see,” I replied. “I must’ve accidentally brought the cheap videotape — you know, the kind that only plays black & white. Or maybe the color fell off when I went through airport security.”

The A/V guy very reluctantly examined the equipment again and discovered that one of the settings was incorrect. Voila! — we had color. I waited for him to say something to me — perhaps a simple, “Sorry” — but he turned and wordlessly began to leave.

I know I should have resisted, but I couldn’t help it. I loudly exclaimed, “Hallelujah! It’s a miracle! God has restored color to my back & white videotape!”

I saw the guy’s shoulders stiffen, but he never said a word. My hosts, however, seemed to enjoy the moment.

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  • Efrain Gonzalez February 20, 2009, 8:41 pm

    Well? I think you could make them in black and white and have them take on that feel of Jim Jarmusch's "Coffee & Cigarrettes" you know? very artsy for the Europeans and hip with the new generation kids.
    And in the process think of it this way… you re making a daltonic friendly movie format lol


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