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For most of the world, 2008 officially began sometime in June, when I published my very first blog post. Radio people argued over whether it’s a good idea always to put music under the DJ’s voice, and the Internet hasn’t been the same since.

I’ve been sharing The Best Radio Video Ever for years now, and I recycled it as a blog posting.

Hotlining Is For Wimps took dead aim at short, insecure PDs.

A bunch of friends and I reminisced about our First Days On The Air.

I paid tribute to America’s (and probably the world’s) greatest living radio personality.

Ira Glass did the work for me in this posting — far better than I could.

My video camera revealed the seamy underbelly of Dick Orkin’s Famous Radio Ranch.

I fessed up to a hoax I played on San Francisco listeners.

Ever meet a dumb radio station receptionist?

I have no idea who called this fax spammer.

Whoever it was, he called another representative of the same fax spamming company.

Hollywood voiceover coach Nancy Wolfson revealed her true feelings about radio people.

Don LaFontaine left us too early. Unless you saw it here, probably you never saw this video.

Everyone thinks my international travels are so glamorous. They are.

A lot of people never heard the Terry Moss production that caused the FCC to change its rules.

Ross Brittain demonstrates the true glamor of a radio star’s life.

My attempt to get everyone excited about one of the coolest songs ever…Well, kind of flopped.

My 3-part series on how to react to a competitor’s misleading contest seemed to amuse people.

My favorite rendition of Cream’s “White Room.”

Finally, one or two people shared my awe at this demonstration of How To Write A Hit Love Ballad.

All in all, I think it’s fair to say that this blog has never had a finer year. And I owe it all to my dozens of loyal readers. Next year? More of the same, except for the new stuff.

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  • Nick January 2, 2009, 12:34 pm

    Looking forward to another year of your modest, humble blog.

    Happy New Year,


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