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This saga began with a letter I reprinted in Tuesday’s posting…

Here is what else I’d do….

I’d get a list of all the markets served by the competing group owner. Then I’d create a promo in which I slowly read the names of all of those markets. Something like this:

Another radio station wants you think they’re a Jackson radio station and that their big, fake $5,000 contest is for people who live in Jackson. But as you’ve probably heard by now, that other station is owned by a huge conglomerate with hundreds and hundreds of radio stations across the country. And each day, this huge, multi-billion dollar conglomerate gives $5,000 to ONE audience member among their millions of audience members.

If you’re thinking those are pretty lousy odds, we agree. So the next time that other station pretends they’ve got $5,000 to give away to you or someone you know, keep in mind that this fake, cheesy contest ISN’T just for people who live in Jackson. It’s also for people who live in…

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Boston, Massachusetts

Caribou, Maine (etc.)

(TAG WITH:) If you don’t want to be manipulated by a huge conglomerate that thinks you’re stupid enough to fall for such a scam, WXXX offers an alternative. Listen tomorrow morning a little after 7 o’clock, and you or one of your friends, neighbors or colleagues will win 94 bucks.

(DISCLAIMER, read quickly to FADE): Contest not good in Albuquerque, New Mexico…Boston, Massachusetts…Caribou, Maine (etc.).

Other than all that…I probably wouldn’t respond at all.

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