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(This is adapted from a mailing that was sent today to my Preferred Subscribers and to my Email Gang.)

Terry Moss, the founder of L.A. Air Force, would’ve been 70 years old this week.

(70?? How can that be??)

L.A. Air Force Terry Moss

Thanks to Jim Christopherson for this photo.

If you had been within viewing distance of the U.S. Armed Forces Radio & Television Service in the Pacific when Terry was in the Army, you would’ve seen this home brewed weekly TV show for kids.

Terry’s the guy on the left, with the tiny red arrow pointing at him.

Of course, he spent most of his time doing radio stuff.

In addition to being a great radio guy and a production genius, Terry was one of my closest friends and a tremendous inspiration to me.

That’s why when Terry died, I took over L.A. Air Force — to “keep it in the family.”

To commemorate Terry’s birthday, for the next few days you can get any (or all) of the L.A. Air Force radio production packages…

…at a 70% discount (for what would’ve been his 70th birthday).

Here’s What To Do Now

1. Make your choice from this list of L.A. Air Force products.

2. Where it says “Redeem a Gift Certificate or Coupon,” enter this special code: Terry-70

Note: If you “copy & paste” that code, make sure you don’t have any extra space at the beginning or end of it.

Question: How will I know if my Discount Code worked?

Answer: As soon as you enter the code and click on “Apply,” the 70% discount will appear on your order form. 

This special Terry Moss Birthday Offer expires on Friday, October 26.

P.S. No, I won’t be making much if any profit on the sales, and after shipping costs I might lose money on a few.

But Terry would’ve thought it’s a cool idea, and it gives you a chance to complete your L.A. Air Force library at “garage sale” prices.