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I have been working radio in a small market for several years now. I most recently worked at the #1 station in our market...until they fired me. Now they want me back, but I've got a possible opening at another station in a larger market. The problem is that the station in the larger market is buying a new station and they've kept me on hold for a couple of months now just waiting for the deal to close. They're supposedly getting very close to the closing but now my old station wants me back. Should I put off going back to my old station until I know something for sure from the larger market station? Or should I go ahead and take the job back at my old station until they make a decision?


Take the old station job. If the larger station finally comes through with a definite offer, you can always leave. (After all, they've fired you once, right?)

In my experience, when a station wants you, they act on it. When they string you along for an unreasonable amount of time, they're just wasting your time.

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