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I am a salesman in an industrial market, but my education is behavioral science and marketing. These are good skills for formulating statistical information about radio markets and advertising.

I want to be a producer. I would like to direct talent and write, and produce commercials and radio shows for broadcast. I have tons of experience in music, recording, and performance. I am a real good writer too.

I have not got a clue about what a producer makes (money-wise) or how to go about entering that job market.

Do i need to go back to school for classes or another degree? Any advice?


You might do well to narrow your focus a bit; you're describing two or three different jobs.

On the local level, there are no jobs at all that consist of directing talent. (Actually, there probably aren't any on the network radio level, either.)

There are people who make their livings writing & producing commercials for local radio stations. These people make anywhere from $12,000 to $100,000 a year...with a lot more being closer to $12,000 than to $100,000.

And there are jobs at ad agencies...although few agencies put much emphasis on radio.

As for producing radio shows on a local level, most people who are called "producers" are poorly paid. For many of them, it's actually an entry-level job at the radio station!

Should you go back to school to pursue your dream? I think you'd be better off making the rounds of radio stations in your area, offering your services to whomever will give you your first taste of day-to-day, commercial radio.

Good luck!

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