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I have been working at a station as an announcer for nearly seven years and have shown quite a bit of potential. I'm ready to move up to Music Director or Program Director, but I think the management staff doesn't have the full confidence in me. The opportunity to move up will be coming soon; what can I do to prove to them that I'm ready and I'm serious?


1. Tell your General Manager that you would like to schedule a meeting with him to discuss something that is important to you. When the GM asks what you want to discuss, duck the question: "It's a bit complicated; I'd rather wait until we have a few minutes to speak in private." (This will scare the GM. When, at the meeting, he learns there's nothing to be afraid of, his great relief will probably make him feel unusually generous.)

2. At the meeting, tell your GM:

"I've been at KKED seven years now, and all in all I'm very happy here; I would like to stay here. But I've reached the point in my career where I am ready for more responsibility. I would like to be considered the next time you need to fill an opening for Music Director or Program Director."

3A. (If the GM says "okay":)
"What particular areas do you feel I should be working on to strengthen my chances of getting that job when it opens up?"

3B. (If the GM says, "You're not ready":)
"What particular areas do you feel I need to work on in order to reach that next level?"

3C. (If the GM says, "Forget it" :)
"Well, I appreciate your time and your honesty." (Do NOT talk about quitting at this time! But if you're told the station simply does not see you as MD or PD potential, you might quietly start making plans to move on to greener pastures.)

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