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Hey! Did you know you can hear samples of almost everything we have?


QUESTION: I was wondering where one might learn (from beginner level) to develop the ole vocal chords from every day average Joe into ones you'll hear doing things like movie trailers to narratives (Hal Douglas for instance). is there hope available for those of us who weren't quite born with them? Crash course on cassette or VCR available? Any assistance, guidance or help would be mucho's appreciated.


Before I recommend a specific audio seminar, here's the most important piece of advice anyone can give you regarding voiceovers:

Acting ability is much more important than vocal technique.

Disc jockeys are held in low regard by the world-class voiceover community...mainly because most jocks never learn how to LISTEN. Instead, they hear only their own voices.

A top voiceover artist is skilled at listening to his/her partner and responding in a natural, spontaneous-sounding way...even when it's scripted, even when it's rehearsed, even when it's the 77th take.

Dick Orkin, for example, advises radio people to take acting lessons instead of voice lessons. He doesn't cast voices; he casts actors.

Okay....So what about a crash course on cassette?

In our catalogue, we carry Julie Williams' HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN VOICEOVERS...EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIVE in NEW YORK OR L.A.! Six cassettes with big resource book included. The taped sessions include: The Demo; Sample Demos; Marketing; Making Contact; Auditions; Sessions; Caring For Your Voice...and a bunch more.

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