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I've got a young announcer with a question of me as the PD. He's got my answer but has the guts to ask if I could get a second opinion from someone. He's got about 2 years done on a media degree at a local college. He may have the chance to go full time with us. Is he better off doing part-time for 2 more years and getting the 4 year, or going for the full-time experience now? We're looking for an "industry-wide" type answer. Will the 4-year degree be worth enough on the resume to set aside the 2 years of full time experience?


Limiting my answer to the boundaries of your question - i.e., the impact on his perceived employment value within radio - a college degree is worth very little.

If he's looking for a job as a jock, two years of full-time, on-air experience are infinitely more valuable than only part-time work plus a degree.

There certainly are other reasons why one might complete a college degree, but enhancing one's career as a disc jockey or PD really is not one of them.

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