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I attended your Programming seminar (my second) sponsored by the (State Broadcasters Association) and took some good information back with me. It always refreshes me to get back to work, having learned some new things that I can't wait to use!

I thought of one question on the drive home: What do you think about talking about television and websites on your show? I had been talking about (hit TV show) and my PD hotlined me about it because (he says) that's telling them to turn the radio off and watch the TV. I see where he's coming from, but it's pop culture and everybody is talking about it, and I don't want to sound out of touch. What do you think?


I wouldn't recommend talking about a TV show that's on during your air shift...or even during the shift that follows you. But....

Does your PD let you talk about the local college football game?

Does he let you talk about the new CD by one of your core artists?

Are you allowed to refer to the current big movie hit?

If so, doesn't he realize that every person who attends that game is a person who will not be listening to his radio station? Doesn't he understand that every person who listens to that new CD is a person who is not at that moment listening to the radio? Has he somehow missed the fact that every person sitting in a darkened movie theater for two hours is a person who cannot listen to the radio?

A radio station chooses whether to be relevant or irrelevant to the listeners' lives. It achieves relevancy by talking about things that the listeners care about.

One added irony: Visiting a website (which your PD doesn't like you to talk about) is an activity that can be done while listening to your station!

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