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QUESTION from Jon Chandler:

What are your thoughts on including store hours in commercials? I've been running a great spot for a local restaurant, and now they want to update it to include their new store hours. My feeling is that no one would remember the hours from one mention in the spot, and that it's a distraction from the focus of the spot. Would appreciate your thoughts!

Dan Replies:

I agree absolutely.

Here's what potential customers want to know about a restaurant:

What kind of food?

How good is the food? (And you'd better find a way to show how good it is.)

What neighborhood is it in?

Open for lunch? (If so, say so. If not, omit.)

What kind of experience will I have there?

Why should I go to your restaurant and not one of your hundreds of competitors?

Store hours in commercials are a waste of time....Time which should be used to motivate the listener to come to that restaurant tonight.

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