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QUESTION: I've been wanting to ask Dan this question for years: How do you convince the small market sports guy to keep the scores down to regional action, instead of the 10-minute ticker?


Dear George:

In the type of case you describe, I've always found a 2 x 4 up alongside the head to be a helpful tool.

Bottom Line: The sports guy has to be told exactly what his job is. It sounds like he thinks his job is to read all scores that appear on the wire. You sound like you think his job is to share sports information that your listeners will be interested in.

Those are two different job descriptions.

If you're the PD, take that 2 x 4 and beat the guy over the head with it until he achieves mental clarity on this issue.

If you're not the PD, make an appointment with the person in charge of your station's programming and discuss the problem.

Most people in radio have NOT had their jobs clearly defined for them... which makes it pretty difficult for them to do their jobs properly.

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