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I host a radio talk show in my hometown. It is an interactive call in show and focuses on "natural approaches to your family's health." I would like to attract more of the female 27-49 age group to the show. The demographics for the show are older although we are getting more and more in this age range.


What kind of station is it on?

I'm guessing either:

A) Local public radio station (or possibly a very small commercial station)

B) "Brokered" station on which you pay them for the privilege of having your own program.

If it's A), then either:

1. The station itself targets older listeners, and that's whom you are reaching. If that's the case, then your only possible hope of reaching a different target audience is to advertise your show somewhere other than on the radio station where your show airs -- direct mail, newspaper ad (both of which probably will be cost prohibitive)...or to forge some marketing partnerships (e.g., distribution of flyers in each shopper's bag at local health food store).

But if it is A), then your real problem is you're not going where your customers are...which is a mistake.

2. The station does target your audience, in which case it needs to do a better job of promoting your show in other dayparts and on other days.

If it's B), then #1 above applies.

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