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I'm an 18 year-old jock, currently working for six small market stations owned by Clear Channel. I go to college here. I got my start last year in high school as an internship.

I'm going to college and working at the stations a lot . I believe I'm in good with the management. I'm always available to work; they call me and I'm there.

Well, three times now they've asked me if I'd like to become full-time. I've turned them down due to school. I'd like to get my degree. But everybody around the stations says that I should finish this year and quit school because I'm already doing what I'm going to school for.

Do I really like what I do? Yes! But should I quit school? I'd like to get a B.A. and put four years of Clear Channel work on my resume, but there is another problem:

I'm thinking about going to college back home in Kansas. There are no Clear Channel stations near where I want to go. And I just figure the longer I work for the big dogs, the better chance I'd have of getting a good job later.

I'm just curious what you think I should do. Should I stay or should I go?


A Clear Channel station in a small market is not a big dog. It's a small market station. If you know you want to get your degree and the "big dog" theory is the only thing that's stopping you from finishing school in Kansas, move back to Kansas.

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