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I work at a small market radio station, one of three that are owned by (Company). I am 22 years old and am station manager of the smallest of the three.

When I say station manager, don't get the wrong idea; I have very little power. The GM of the company is the owner's daughter and was put in charge of the company for that reason and that reason alone. I will be the first to admit that I am not the smartest guy in the world when it comes to radio, but her philosophy on the business is about to drive me insane.

We are on satellite 24 hours a day on all 3 stations. Any attempt to put talent on the air will fail, because why would you pay a DJ seven or eight bucks an hour when you can spend $2 and get satellite feed? I am frustrated and tired of the way she runs things. I appreciate the fact that she wants to make profit off the stations, but I am confused as to why she isn't interested in making our company better.

We don't bring in new clients, and our revenue hasn't increased since she took over. I'm not sure how to approach this. A co-worker and I have put together a memo of ideas that we believe would help the stations. But we are intimidated by the fact that every other idea we've had has been thrown out because it calls for changes. I'm trying hard to work with her, but how much can I take? She's after that almighty buck and won't listen to anything new.


The bottom line is that you can't educate your station manager, and nothing good will come of your trying to do so.

Your GM isn't interested in making your company better because she doesn't understand that the better the product, the more profitable the company can be. But you won't be able to teach her that, so don't try.

It's also quite possible that your station has financial limitations you are not privy to. Or that your GM has much less authority to effect changes than you assume.

Submitting a memo of ideas to improve the stations will only serve to increase the tensions between you and her.

Instead, concentrate on improving your own skills - both on- and off-air - as much as you can, so that you soon will be able to land a job at a station that, with luck, will be more professionally operated.

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