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I work for a station that recently switched formats. I was told I was staying because the salespeople and clients were very happy with my remotes. I was also told that I was not to be buried on overnights (I work 3 overnights and 2 weekend evening shifts, and came from working the evening shift) for this reason.

My new program director seemed to have it in for me from the very beginning. It has been an uphill battle over the last 8 months, proving my dedication. My PD will now at least acknowledge that I have good intentions, but I feel invisible there. He won't allow me to do remotes or even non-paid van hits.

In our aircheck sessions, he tells me the reasons for this. While I believe some of his opinions are valid, I hear the other DJs doing exactly the same things that I do. I feel as if they won't fire me for fear of a lawsuit, but I'm not sure if there is any growth potential.

To further complicate things I've been offered a job working for a terrible company that I resigned from in horror two years ago. My cohorts tell me I'd be crazy not to take it.

Any suggestions?


1. You'd be crazy to accept the job with your old employer. You already know you'll be unhappy there.

2. It sounds like you've made an honest effort to win over your PD, and it hasn't worked.

3. Your best bet is to stop trying to progress within your current station and instead focus on making your show as good as it can be...to become the best air personality you can. Then quietly begin sending out tapes to other stations (in and out of your market).

4. Consider moving down in market size, to a station that will put you in a better shift, with more responsibilities.

Don't know if any of the above will help, but I really don't think there's an easy solution to your situation.

Good luck!

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