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I've been given the task of thinking of a publicity stunt to create more awareness for our station. We've been rated #1 in the past 4 ratings, and wish to stay there.

Perhaps you could share with me something bizarre that would create an awareness and get the town talking.


I really can't suggest anything specific without having a lot more details. But perhaps you can make an impact by imposing an alternate sense of reality upon the outside world.

Back in the '70s, an American jock named Gary Burbank made a big splash by reporting sightings of "Snow Sharks" in the area. Listeners called in to report sighting the sharks, the station broadcast warnings of what to do if you see one and what precautions to take to ward them away, etc. Only one problem: There's no such thing as a snow shark. The entire audience (well, most of them; I'm sure some of them thought it was real) was in on this inside joke.

I don't recommend playing a practical joke on your audience that will inconvenience or offend them. But perhaps you can come up with something completely ridiculous that SOUNDS real.

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