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Periodically I'll see a Program Director job opening, but along with the usual T&R they ask for a "Programming Philosophy." What does a "Programming Philosophy look like, and what things should be included?


Never having written one, I can only offer a few broad generalizations:

1. Mason Williams once said, "If a thing is worth saying, it can be said on a single page." Keep it to one page.

2. Make it readable - Rather than lots of dense prose, use headings & bulleted points where possible.

3. I suppose you might start by simply listing all the categories that you might include under the topic of "My Programming Philosophy," sort of in outline form. Then for each point, jot down every thought that comes to your mind. When you've finished, organize (and edit) it all into a single page.

4. I can't imagine that anyone ever gets hired on the basis of a written Programming Philosophy. So don't try too hard to sell yourself in it. Just "talk about radio" in easy-to-understand language that conveys your enthusiasm for the industry, your respect for your audience, and your desire to inspire your staff to work together as a team.

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