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I have been hired as the new Morning Drive Personality for (Station). I start there on-air in about three weeks, so I have time to plan a strategy before going on the air. However, I'm not exactly sure what to do - if anything. I'm not a big name, so if we promote heavily a "change coming to the mornings" I'm sure it will be a let-down for the listeners when they realize they don't know who the heck I am. Also, if we promote it as a "new and improved" morning show, I risk upstaging the previous morning guy - who happens to be the manager of the station. Any ideas as to how we might be able to promote the upcoming change in a positive light? Perhaps the best thing would be to not say anything and just do it; considering it's been a few years since I've done morning drive, I'm sure I'm going to be not only a little rusty, but tired as well!


Your best bet is simply to show up and do a great job. It will take you a little while to regain your stride.

Perhaps the "old" morning show (and still manager) can be there for the first day to "hand you off" to the audience...introduce you to regular callers, turn over the keys to the Oldies Library, etc.). This way instead of it appearing that you are replacing your predecessor, it will be like him passing the reins on to you as he hangs up his headphones.

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