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I was talking with a guy recently who mentioned O'LINERS. I remember sitting outside my little apartment in Wichita Falls, TX, in '85 when I had just started doing mornings using 'em as part of my show prep on a Sunday evening...

Anyway, we talked about how you held the record for clients! Is that true? What's your secret? And why did you give it up?!?


I really have no idea what the record is for subscribers to a comedy service. Certainly the field was less crowded when I began O'LINERS in 1976. And unlike most services which to this day are run as part-time ventures by jocks (or by others), O'LINERS was my full-time job for the first 11 years. Probably my biggest "secret" was I was too naive to know I couldn't support myself that way, so I went ahead and did it. I also think I'm a good comedy writer.

I gave it up in 1991 because in 1987 I began doing seminars....and I ended up working 90 hours a week, writing O'LINERS on airplanes to & from seminars, and just generally exhausting myself. Ironically, stopping O'LINERS probably is the bravest career move I ever made...much braver than starting it. I knew I couldn't keep up that pace and just decided to trust that somehow I would replace the income O'LINERS represented for me.

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