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I have maintained, in pristine condition, my L.A. Air Force CHEAP RADIO THRILLS vinyl, which I purchased when I was ...ahem...a mere child, back in the 80s. Due to a flood...don't ask...the jackets were reduced to paper mache. Like those radio thrills, I am cheap. Have you any old empty jackets back in the storage shed? Perhaps I could purchase just the run sheets for the pink, yellow, blue and green records...the way God intended for folks to listen to music! I still use these cuts, thanks to safety copies on R/R tape...15 ips on an Ampex 440...the way God....you know. Why, our answering machine's latest message is backed by the L.A. Air Force!


I wish there were some way to assist a loyal Cheap Radio Thriller like you, but all we have are a few individually shrink-wrapped, virgin vinyl LPs (that we still sell occasionally to people wise enough to know that God intended us for to listen to vinyl). (I'm also pretty sure God intended for use to use Macintosh, although I understand his reasons for exiling Apple's marketing people into the cyberspatial desert for 40 eons.)

We don't have any unused jackets, and we have no press overruns of jacket sleeves. (I do understand exactly what you're asking for, and if I had any I'd be happy to send them to you.)

Sorry I couldn't help.

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