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I work at a radio station The Netherlands.

Each week I do several different shows, at different times of the day.

But what I also do, and to be honest, like the most is the night show (between 2AM and 4AM).

It always seems the most funny things happen at night!

I can't help it, maybe it's the fact that I know at night my PD probably doesn't listen, or I am as relaxed as possible.

What is your advice on being as funny at day time as at night time?


It does sound like you enjoy the freedom of knowing your PD probably is asleep and not listening to you at night.

Between 2AM and 4AM, people who are listening to you are listening for the companionship. You probably can afford to do somewhat longer comedy bits than you might do during prime time.

Your comedy also probably can be more reflective & idiosyncratic in the wee hours. During prime time, you'll want to be more topical and instantly relatable, because your audience won't have the time or concentration to devote to listen closely. In the middle of the night, however, they have considerably fewer outside demands on their attention.

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