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If as a new Program Director you have come through production route, not presentation, how do you get the respect of the presenters... especially when you’re guiding them as to their presentation style?


  • Don't be afraid to ask them questions, especially concerning WHY they do things they way they do them. Before you can help them grow as personalities, you need to understand who they think they are, who they think they are on the radio, and who they want to be on the radio.

  • Don't critique them by comparing them to someone else. ("Why can't you sound more like Ed Jock???")

  • Be specific in your praise.

  • Be specific in your criticism.

  • Be honest. (This doesn't mean you shouldn't also be diplomatic.)

  • Reward desirable performances with sincere praise.

  • Listen to as many tapes of presenters from across the country (and around the world) as you can find.

  • In critique sessions, focus on objective observations, not subjective ones.
    Subjective: You talked too much.
    Objective: You played five records that hour; I want you to play a minimum of seven per hour.

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