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Up til this point the Station has had a solo morning host who is now moving on, and I'm being asked to put replace him with a team. I have no problem with this, but not having had any experience in the dynamics of a team, I wonder if there is any advice you can offer - or indeed anywhere that you can direct me to help make sure I don't through the obvious mine-field there is in setting up such a show.


I don't usually reply to questions by plugging one of our products, but we do have a 90-minute seminar on both audio & video entitled BUILDING A WINNING MORNING SHOW. I suspect it would answer a lot of your questions and give you a lot of new ideas.

A few brief things to keep in mind:

Cast your show with contrasting personalities.

Make sure each cast member knows from the outset what his or her role is to be.

Decide who the one on-air leader is to be.

Make sure each team member understands his or her on-air character.

Make sure they always share one goal when cracking the mic.

Again, there's really no way to give a more in-depth reply than to reproduce my entire seminar for you here. (You can hear a sample of it in RealAudio on our web site.)

Hope this is of some modest help.

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