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I was very pleased to discover and review your website. I want to know if you could give some direction on my pursuit of having my own radio show. I hope you will bear with me for just a few paragraphs.

The idea of the show that I would host is not new. It would relate to topics on sexuality, relationships, spirituality, and life matters in general. I would speak on these topics and listeners would call in with questions that I would respond to, and I would have occasional guest.

Do you have any good suggestions as to how I could approach this and get a company to give me a chance? I'm willing to relocate and would be very flexible. I don't really want to go to school to learn about all aspects of radio business, but may consider that if I have to.


Your best bet is to start by offering yourself as a fill-in host to whatever talk stations are in your area. All talk stations find themselves with emergency situations (often on weekends) wherein suddenly they're in last-minute need of a host.

If you have some credentials establishing your expertise in the areas you referred to, you might first get yourself booked as a guest on area talk stations. If you do well as a guest and let them know that you're interested in being "on the other side of the mic," this might serve as a short-cut.

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