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I need HELP!!!! Here is the deal, I am a rookie, 4 years total in radio, 1 year full-time night jock on a country station in a tiny (but rated) market. Now I have a millionaire that wants to buy a station, and he wants me to be the GM.

But I donít know the first thing about actually being a GM!!!!! I canít let an opportunity like this pass me up! I, however, am a 22-year old female who knows only what Iíve been exposed to. I am confident that I can do this with the right guidance. My question to you is, "Where do I find that guidance?"

Iíve had two years of RTF at a state college and frankly what they taught had nothing to do with REAL RADIO!! Please help me get off on the right foot.


With all due respect to your millionaire friend, I would have to guess that in this case youíre being exposed to either:
A) A flake
B) A fraud
C) A fool

A flake would talk sincerely of doing such a thing, only subsequently to disappear on the idea (usually because it would turn out he doesnít have the money).

A fraud would simply lie to you about it, for pathetic reasons of his own.

A fool would actually buy a business for a million dollars and insist that a 22-year old with very little experience manage it.

Of course, you didnít ask for my opinion on that; you asked for sources for guidance on how to manage a radio station. Youíll find a number of good management-related items in our WHOLE O CATALOGUE. The National Association of Broadcasters (http://www.nab.org) also has a bunch of publications that you might find helpful.

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