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QUESTION: Our station is and has been Number One for some time now. Some of the staff think it stops there. Each book we slip a little more and a little more. No one is open to new promotions. Each new idea they think I'm "rocking the boat."

Is there something I can do?


Unless you're the program director, you cannot motivate the air staff. What you seem to be saying is that you don't fit in at your station.

Either stay there, resigned to the fact that your co-workers are more complacent and less likely to exert extra effort than you...or move on down the road.

The problem you are facing is one of radio's facts of life: The job of a disc jockey is an easy one...if you don't mind being mediocre.

Most radio people are glad to settle for mediocrity. Many don't even realize how much more they could accomplish, much less aspire to that higher level.

But there is no point in fighting a daily battle that you cannot win.

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