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I have sent resume packages off to stations in a larger market within the state to see if they have any openings of any kind, but I haven't seen much response from anyone. I've called them to make sure that everything was received and they just tell me "yes" and "thanks for calling". My question here is do you have to be persistent and call them regularly, or do you just sit back and let them call you?


Well, your first mistake is blinding sending off job packages without having any reason to believe there's a job available. Probably most of those PDs aren't contacting you simply because they're not looking for anyone.

After you've confirmed that they received your package, I don't see much point in continuing to call. If they're interested in you, they'll call. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to maintain top of mind awareness about your targeted PDs by sending them new tapes every few months (along with a brief, personalized note).

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