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I'm 17 years old and I've been interested in radio since 1998 when I won a contest from Z100-NY and was able to come to their Anniversary Party and meet all the DJs (current and past). Now, my problem is this: I live in New York and I want to get started in radio, anyway I can! But, New York is too large of a market, and I have no way of leaving New York any time soon. What do you suggest?


* Pester small stations in the small towns that surround New York, offering your services as an intern (i.e., no pay). New York City is big; the surrounding communities (e.g., New Rochelle) are small.

* After you graduate high school, if you haven't managed to land your first radio job then you might consider enrolling in a broadcast school...but ONLY for the briefest possible time (probably four months), just long enough for you to learn the basics of running the equipment and of rudimentary radio station operation. Then you'll be prepared to go find your first real radio job (again, in a small market).

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