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Who was the female voice Dick Orkin used on Chickenman?

ANSWER (straight from the Chicken's mouth):

Jane Runyon. When the show started in 66 she was Jane Roberts WCFL's on-the-air traffic reporter called Trooper 36-24-36. Her street persona -- a flashy young blonde lady with non-vocal assets & white short shorts -- tooled around Chicago streets on a motorcycle, WCFL call-letters displayed in all the prominent places, including her own prominent places.

Jane, a wonderful Chicago actress, played in the series for the 3 years of its run and, in the last year, married the DJ on whose whose show the series appeared, and who was also its episode announcer: Jim Runyon (Wellllllll!); and Jane Roberts become Jane Runyon. Jim tragically passed away of the big C a few years after their marriage.

Jane now lives in Hollywood and her daughter, Jennifer, is an attractive regular on day-time dramas and movies.

Probably more than you wanted to know...but there it is.

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