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How do you feel about e-mail correspondence with newspaper and other media as opposed to mail correspondence? Better to do one or the other or both? Just curious because your RADIO SELF-PROMOTION tape doesn't mention anything about e-mail (figure the tape was produced before e-mail was the rage)


You're right about why e-mail wasn't mentioned in the tape; I don't know if I even knew what e-mail was when I recorded that.

I'd use e-mail to media ONLY for messages that are short, personalized, and likely to be of genuine interest to the recipient. That way they'll be conditioned to react favorably to the sight of a message from you among their other daily downloads.

GOOD EXAMPLE - to your format editor at R&R: "Cyndee....I just got back from a station meeting where we were told Jacor is being purchased by McDonald's. All jocks will be required to wear Ronald McDonald uniforms. If you want more info, just give me a holler!"

BAD EXAMPLE: "KXXX ANNOUNCES BIGGEST RATINGS INCREASE EVER! According to the latest Arbitron ratings, more listeners blah blah blah blah blah...."

Somehow, dropping an unwanted press release in the trash is less personal and less annoying than having to delete an unwanted e-mail.

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