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Here's more of a management question for you. I am an Assistant Program Director at a medium market. In the past, I've had to deal with people who think that their day should be 8 hours. No more...no less. This isn't really a time clock type of business. That's one of the reasons I enjoy radio. How does one deal with those people who feel they shouldn't put in that extra time if they aren't getting paid for it?


Without wanting to sound like I'm waffling, it all depends upon their job classification and your state (provincial) laws. Under certain job classifications, an employee is entitled to overtime pay for workdays longer than eight hours or work weeks longer than 40 hours. Others are exempt from overtime. Usually an important distinction is whether or not the employee is considered management.

If the employee is legally protected against noncompensated overtime work, then I would have to side with the employee. "Radio isn't your typical business" does not excuse violating either the law or the employee's rights, and I don't think it is disloyal for the employee to insist that those rights be honored.

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