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DJ to PD to GM?


My career aspiration is to be a PD then maybe a GM. To get there I've got to move up the ladder, right?(Be an MD and/or a Promotions person first, etc.) I'm a Production Director now and I'm great at it. I could probably get a production or imaging job just about anywhere. But to be a PD/GM I need to learn more non-production stuff, right? My current employers have shown no interest in developing me into anything more than what I already am. When applying for jobs, should I still go for ones that have production in the description or avoid them? I'm ready to take the next step, whatever it may be....


If you know your next goal is to be a PD, then you should not take a new production job. Your best bet is to apply for a PD job at a good station in a smaller market. (I know you want to make at least a lateral move, if not a move up. But without programming experience, that will be difficult to do.)

And if you really want to become GM one day, you will need to learn as much about Sales as you can. Although there are many GMs in America who have absolutely no programming or on-air experience, there are very few who do not have sales experience.

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