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I've been in radio since before digital production; I'm an analog geek. I've now started a business writing copy and was wondering what kind of things digital production can do compared to the ol' reel to reel?

The local radio station is hesitant to let anyone into their hallowed halls and you can never get in touch with anyone who knows anything about the production end of things. It's not feasible for me to drive 6 hours to tour a different station; I already work a full time and a part time job, which is why I'm coming to you.


Once again I turn to Radio Legend/Production Ace/Voice Guy (and KABC/Los Angeles Production Director) Howard Hoffman for help with audio technical stuff. Here's Howard's response:

Advantages digital has over analog:

Undoing a bad splice with one button.

Multitracking and Cutting-and-pasting sounds within a work.

Saving your work and retrieving it later.

Easy access to edit points.

Time coding.

No more running out of splicing tape, razor blades or grease pencils.

No loss of generational quality and no tape hiss.

No futzing around with tape bias and alignment.

Digital time compression without changing pitch.

Ability to edit microscopic and multiple phenomena (record clicks, breaths, pops, etc.).

That's a start....

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