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When I try to work funny or informative bits into my air shift, it seems that I have trouble making a smooth intro into the bit. Can you tell me a way not to fall all over myself on the air?


I am guessing that you haven't been working on-air for more than a year or two; what you describe is a very common problem for young jocks (as well as for some older ones).

In addition to simply getting more experience under your belt, I recommend listening as much as you can to as many different jocks (all formats, dayparts, and markets) as you can. In addition to simply listening to the radio wherever you are, you might consider subscribing to one or more of the aircheck services, most of which are quite inexpensive.

If you come across a jock whose delivery strikes you as natural and effortless, listen to as much of that jock as you can. After a while, you'll probably begin to notice HOW that jock makes it all sound so easy...and perhaps you can incorporate some of that style into your own (not imitating it but, rather, using it as inspiration).

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