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How do you deal with negativity at the station? I work for a PD and GM who seem to think they can do no wrong...and that the rest of the staff should be perfect like them. And a week doesn't go by that they don't make some kind of negative comment, either to you directly or to others in your absence.

A couple of months ago the PD was talking to a sales rep in the control room and I walked in without him knowing, and as soon as I did he told the sales rep he wish he could get rid of every on-air announcer because they stink. Well, he offered no apologies and seemed quite proud of what he said.

Like I said, this happens at least once a week. The GM has said that we (the air staff) are killing the station. The first thought that pops in my head is to quit. Is there any way to just keep on trucking along or should I look for a another job? They are hard to come by where I live. I've even thought about approaching the owner with the situation.


  • If the PD thinks the entire air staff is terrible and the GM believes they are killing the station, I'm wondering: How competent are the people who hired the air staff?
  • They're not going to change. If working for them makes you miserable, find another job.
  • Do not quit your job until you have another one all lined up.
  • If you want to pursue radio as a career (rather than as a job), you must be willing to consider relocating to another market.
  • Approaching the owner will do one thing: Get you fired.

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