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QUESTION: When I am on the air, and I goof, my boss has the habit of coming into the control room and "counseling" me. The rest of my

show goes straight down-hill. Am I not being "professional" by allowing the counselling to get to me? I don't get mad, it just upsets me, and it tends to make my show dry. I guess that I get a little gun-shy after the counseling. Am I normal? Is it time for a warm bath and a razor blade? Should I fire my boss? Help!!

DAN REPLIES: Your boss needs to find a hobby.

The next time Boss comes into the control to counsel you. try this:

Say, "Oh, just a moment!"

Then stop the CD player or cart machine or hard drive output or network feed or cut the mic your newsperson is talking into.

Turn up the monitor nice and loud, to make sure nothing is being broadcast.

Then say to Boss, "Okay! Now I can concentrate on what you want to tell me!"

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