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I am currently in the process of positioning my business for sale and I want to get into radio as soon as I sell it. I have been interning at a local (Top 20 market) station for the last three months, as well as studying broadcasting at our local community college. While at the station I am learning as much as possible about digital production, radio sales, running the boards, and morning show production. I have also been producing aircheck tapes.

My aim is to be on-air at a talk station or in a morning show format. My theory is that I should find a small market station opening so as to gain experience, as opposed to being a part-time jock at a music station. I have managed to stash some money, and I will profit from the business sale so low pay is not a problem.

Is this a smart strategy?


I agree that you're wise to look for a full-time, small market job and work your way up.

And I applaud your realistic, long-term career view.


If you can land a part-time, on-air job in that Top 40 market, I'd recommend you do that for six months. Then when you look for a full-time gig in a small market, they'll be impressed that you have major market (albeit part-time) experience and you'll stand out among the other job applicants.

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