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Reviewed by Dan O'Day

I hear from lots of people who want to podcast.

Especially from:

  • Radio people who want to program their own shows without any outside interference.

  • Non-radio people who somehow have found my website and are looking for ways to “syndicate” their own programs.
But most are intimidated by learning exactly how to do it.

Yes, everyone tells you “it's so easy.”

And it must be so easy, because so many people are doing it.

But how do you start?

What kind of equipment?

How do you create content?

How do you deliver the content?

How do you get your podcast programs promoted to the rest of the world?

How do you make money with (“monetize,” as they say) podcasts?

I've seen a few books on the subject, but none impressed me.

Then I read an e-book entitled PODCAST SECRETS REVEALED.

Let me stress two important things about the previous sentence:
  1. I did not write PODCAST SECRETS REVEALED.

  2. I did read it. The entire book.
It's very good. Good enough for me to recommend it to you IF:
  • You want to podcast.
That's pretty much it.

If you're already successfully podcasting, you probably don't need this book.

He Starts At The Beginning.

The author, Jeff Mills, starts at the beginning.

He doesn't assume you already know something about podcasting.

How basic is the beginning? He starts by telling you how to set up your computer to subscribe to and receive podcasts.

From that humble beginning, he takes you all the way to producing and then making it as easy as possible for people around the world to subscribe to your podcasts.

Easy To Understand.

I'm not at all technically oriented. I've had a pretty successful website since 1997, yet I can't even spell HTML. So when I began reading another book about podcasting, I was a bit…Well, intimidated.

I shouldn't have been intimidated. PODCAST SECRETS REVEALED is written in very simple, easy to understand English. (If you're already an Internet tech wizard, you write all your own code, and in your spare time you take apart & rebuild computers — this book ain't for you.)

Lots of Screen Shots.

Have you ever read an instruction book and felt like an idiot because you couldn't figure how or where to actually do the things the book told you to do?

That won't happen with this book. Jeff illustrates everything with actual screen shots. He holds your hand every step of the way.

Quick Take: “Pro”
  • Really will teach you everything you need to launch your first podcast in just 3 hours.
  • Easy to read, easy to understand
  • Lots of great screen shots to walk you through each step
Quick Take: “Con”
  • If you're already successfully podcasting, you probably won't learn a lot of new tricks.
  • Not an ounce more technical than it needs to be. If you're a real do-it-yourself techno-geek with enough time to invest, probably you can gather and teach yourself most of this information.
  • The “bonuses”: At the moment, Jeff is offering a gazillion dollars' worth of bonuses with PODCAST SECRETS REVEALED. While several of them clearly are valuable to podcasters, many are geared toward Internet marketers and have nothing to do with podcasting.
My Recommendation:
      If you want to podcast, download PODCAST SECRETS REVEALED right now. But don't get the book just because Jeff is throwing in so many free bonuses.

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