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Dear (JOCK),

Received & listened to your aircheck; thanks for sending it.

You asked if I could point out a couple of things I think you might want to work on. Okay, but remember the following is just my opinion....

What you're doing now is good enough to get you a job at 90% of the radio stations in the world. That's not, however, to be confused with a career. Most radio people have a succession of jobs but no career.

Radio ultimately is about people. But you completely ignored the two closest sources of human contact on your show: Yourself and your listeners.

I listened to your entire show and didn't learn *anything* about you as a person. You didn't say anything that couldn't have been said by any other announcer; someone could take a transcript of your show and deliver all of your lines, and it would have sounded as real (or not real) for that person as it did for you.

And of all the listeners you put on the air, I didn't get hear any of their stories, either. Not where they worked, why they were calling, what they were doing while listening....nothing.

Yes, you kept up a good pace, delivered all the basics....But you didn't make any human connection.

Your response to either of the above criticisms might be that your PD just wants you to read the liner cards and contribute nothing of your own personality. My response is that from your e-mails, it's obvious that you do have a strong personality. Why bother to come to the studio each night if you don't bring it in there with you?

Dan O'Day

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